Modernism is over a century old. While its buildings emerged within a spectrum of historical political situations, today they exist in a variety of quite different contexts, climatically, socially and politically. The functional city was conceived in a time when rational scientific thought and radical action based on tabula rasa planning was the answer to chaotic blight. At the scale of the building or the city, the endeavors were intended to refine nature, limit chaos and create a rational situation that eliminated mess.

Now these cogent projects are aging, which has introduced multiple intentions that break apart the unified schemes, making them disorganized, messy. As time passes, stakes shift. Programs change, redundancies develop and the logic of the plan fades. Modernism has become the site within which contingency operates. The question is no longer “did it succeed or fail?” but instead “how has it been altered?”

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  1. This is an amazing website and project! I am excited to follow Melissa and learn more about how Modernism is altering. Already so interesting!

  2. So far, going through the Israel and Tel-Aviv sections was extremely interesting. Thank you and well done for some interesting thoughts!

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