arrived in istanbul

sachin and i arrived in istanbul late last night after just a few plane trips and 1 wrong turn on the metro. we’ll be spending the next 3 weeks in turkey, splitting our time roughly between istanbul and ankara, a city built almost overnight as turkey’s new capital after the fall of the ottoman empire.

if anyone has any recs/ideas/contacts i’d love to hear about them!


One thought on “arrived in istanbul

  1. Sachin and Missy, I’m following you on the World Map, hoping to keep up with you as you make your way around the world. Glad that you arrived safely in Istanbul.
    Items: Nate is auditioning in 5 graduate schools: Western, Northwestern, U of M, Yale, and Juliard. Ryan and Janelle have sold their house, in six days. They’re looking for another one. Tonight I’m going to Calvin’s Rangeel, celebrating the multiethnicity among students. Janelle is on a weekend tour with the Alumni Choir.
    We’re getting news about the massive earthquake near Santiago, Chile.
    It is siblings’ day at Calvin this weekend. Kelsey has decided to come to Calvin next year. Brandt hung out with me yesterday.
    We received quite a little snow yesterday, but it is supposed to be a bit warmer this coming week.
    Take good care ofyourselves. You are in my prayers.
    Love, Grandpa Hofman

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