ahmedabad – ambala – chandigarh

after a short, sweet meeting with a generous professor who has pulled some strings to help get me situated in chandigarh, i’m off to the north. leaving in the morning for ambala by overnight train, then hopping a bus up to the city itself…if all goes according to plan, should take a day and a half…


2 thoughts on “ahmedabad – ambala – chandigarh

  1. Melissa,

    It was our pleasure to meet you and get to know you. After reading your Blog and the explanation you gave about the objective of your Project, I am clear as to what has brought you to Chandigarh, twice if not three times. And may be bring you again here in the future
    as a follow up of your study.

    You have really taken pains to get to know the City by walking and cycling and seeing almost all the sectors as also Mohali, Panchkula and Zirakpur. The Area is also refered to as TRI-CITY!!

    Sector 17 is the focus of all the towns around Chandigarh as best shopping, restaurants/ hotels are located here. To add to this, a number of Government Offices are also in this Sector. This has added to the traffic problems as in the morning and then in the evening typical Western Rush Hours are experienced in the City, towards and away from Sector 17 and near about. There is a need to ensure that no more congestion of Sector 17 takes place.

    I believe there is a proposal to develop shopping complex in Southern Sectors. This would be a good idea.

    Chandigarh has to grow vertically as there is very little space horizontally. This would add to the traffic woes and also place stress on utilities like electricity and water. It is hoped that the planners are taking note of this.

    Some people talk of Chandigarh being developed as a hub for medical, educational and even fruit marketing etc for the Northern States of India ie Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir. Such an ambition will swamp the City. There is a need to instead develop cities in each of the Northern states having educational and medical institutions of high quality. Chandigarh does not have the space and infrastructure for being a hub for the Northern states of India.

    There is a need to in fact slow down the addition of new institutions, commercial ventures, educational institutions to the City, so that over crowding is curtailed.

    I hope the above thoughts are of some use. Wishing you the very best in the study of similar cities in other countries that you will be studying.

    Harbhajan Singh

    1. thanks so much for these comments…it is interesting to consider the potential for new institutions etc. for overpowering Chandigarh, something the city administration has been carefully working against. I think that a possible approach to Chandigarh’s development (which seems inevitable in some form or other) is to focus on nodes for the tri city area….rather than let everything grow slowly denser, or sprawl further, consider focused development that allows certain support areas of chandigarh to build up, while other surrounding areas can maintain their lower densities.

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