begin: ahmedabad

My travel begins in Ahmedabad, a home away from home. This week I prepare documents, secure housing, and talk to as many Indian architects as will listen at CEPT University, about what they see happening in Chandigarh, my next destination.

2 thoughts on “begin: ahmedabad

  1. Brava Melissa, the adventure has begun! Good luck!

    When we were in Ahmedabad in 1979, we were guests at the Sarabai House (by Corbu). Madam Sarabai may have passed away by now. Her son, Anon (?) Sarabai, a research scientist, may be a good contact for you.

    Though the Sarabai’s we were able to visit the Shodan House (by Corbu), the Mill Owners Association bldg. (by Corbu), the Museum of Design (collection organized by Charles & Ray Eames). The Mill Owners families were important in the development of Ahmedabad.

    The Institute of Business Management (by Louis Kahn) is another important complex to be seen. I believe it is now run (?) by Harvard.

    1. Thank you Shelly!

      I did manage to visit a number of those beautiful buildings…all except the Shodhan house, which is no longer open to public. Do you happen to have contact information for Anon? I am returning to Ahmedabad for a week in February and I would love to meet him if possible.

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